The Face it Foundation Concert

The Face it Foundation Concert featuring Fran Cosmo and Barry Goodreau

July 9, 2016 Minneapolis, MN

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Time : 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Venue : The Minneapolis Farmers Market
Address : 312 East Lyndale Avenue North
State : MN
Zip : 55405
Phone : (612) 333-1718
Contact Website :

Featuring Fran Cosmo and Barry Goodreau formerly of the super group BOSTON!

thumb-fran-cosmoFran Cosmo

Formerly of Boston. One of rock’s legendary voices, Fran Cosmo exploded onto the rock scene when he took over for Brad Delp as lead vocalist with multi-platinum group BOSTON on the album, “Walk On” that sold over three million copies worldwide.

The album’s tour was the first of four tours with the band– It wasn’t long before Boston fans around the world took notice to sound and range of his vocals. He captivated the audience at sold out shows.

Since 1992 Fran was a member of BOSTON and toured at every major venue across America.Fran Lead vocals appeared on BOTH Boston’s Greatest hits albums in 2006 and 2009. The hit song”I need your Love” and the only live song ever recorded on a Boston album “Livin for You”.

thumb-barry-goodreauBarry Goodreau

Formerly of Boston.  The group evolved from Goudreau’s college band “Mother’s Milk” which also included Tom Scholz and Brad Delp. Goudreau worked with Scholz and Delp as early as 1969 on an initial set of demo tapes, where he performed all of the rhythm and lead guitar work. These early attempts to attract record label interest did not succeed.

Eventually they put together a demo tape, and brought it to New York to shop for a record contract. He remembers sitting in waiting rooms, not able to get past the receptionist. Barry thinks it was these several years of constant rejection that drove Tom to continue to refine the songs and recordings to a point where they could no longer be denied.

Later, Scholz re-worked and re-recorded some of these demo songs and wrote several new songs for a second set of demo tapes, this time with Scholz performing all of the guitar, bass and keyboard parts. This second demo set won a recording contract with Epic Records.

Although Goudreau is not credited with any songwriting on any Boston tracks, his guitar work was an integral part of the Boston trademark sound and style.